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Lance Briggs makes list of NFL’s top 100 players of 2011

Lance Briggs ranks at no. 92 in The Top 100 Players of 2011.

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs was voted to a list of the top 100 players in the NFL of 2011 at number 92 in a poll conducted by NFL Network where current league players cast their votes.

Briggs was presented in the segment by current Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

Watch Patrick Willis talk about why Briggs is one of the best linebackers in the league.

Briggs was elected to his six consecutive Pro Bowl last season, becoming just the sixth player in Bears history to do so.

“The position he plays is very demanding,” defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli told “It’s a playmaking position and that’s all Lance has always done. He makes plays and has great instincts. He’s always ready to play, and he’s a performer.”

There are four more Bears players left in the Top 100.

Be sure to check out The Top 100 Players of 2011 every Sunday night at 8 p.m. on NFL Network.

Here’s the list of The Top 100 so far:

100.D. McNabb Redskins, QB
99.C. Clifton Packers, OT
98.D. McFadden Raiders, RB
97.S. Phillips Chargers, DE
96.N. Collins Packers, S
95.J. Beason Panthers, LB
94.F. Gore 49ers, RB
93.E. Berry Chiefs, S
92.L. Briggs Bears, LB
91.T. Owens Bengals, WR
90.J. Flacco Ravens, QB
89.A. Wilson Cardinals, S
88.V. Davis 49ers, TE
87.J. Gross Panthers, OT
86.J. Freeman Buccaneers, QB
85.J. Babin Titans, DE
84.J. Cribbs Browns, QB
83.M. Williams Buccaneers, WR
82.L. Woodley Steelers, LB
81. B. Raji Packers, DT


Bears rookies assigned jersey numbers

Rookie offensive tackle Gabe Carimi will don No. 72

Three members of the 2011 Chicago Bears rookie class have been assigned jersey numbers.

Larry Mayer of announced in his ChalkTalk that top pick offensive tackle Gabe Carimi will wear No. 72, defensive tackle Stephen Paea will wear No. 92 and safety Chris Conte will wear No. 47.

The jersey numbers for quarterback Nathan Enderle and linebacker J.T. Thomas are not yet known.

Ravens want compensation after botched trade attempt in NFL Draft

The Bears drafted Idaho quarterback Nathan Enderle with the fourth round selection that would have gone to the Baltimore Ravens had the trade gone through.

In case you forgot, the Chicago Bears attempted a trade with the Baltimore Ravens during the first round of the NFL draft so they might move up a couple of spots to secure current Bears rookie offensive tackle Gabe Carimi.

With Jerry Angelo running things is it really any surprise that this went astray?

But it you look at it, Angelo’s failure to go through with the trade actually saved the Bears their fourth round draft selection (Idaho quarterback Nathan Enderle). So Chicago is certainly satisfied.

Baltimore is not but there’s not really much they or the NFL can do about it.

“The trade was not consummated,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in an e-mail. “Therefore, there was no trade.

“Anything further with respect to it would be between the clubs.”

The Ravens feel like the Bears should compensate them for the pick that they lost with the failed trade attempt.

“I’m disappointed in the Bears and the McCaskeys,”  Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti told the Baltimore Sun. “It is, in my opinion, a deviation from their great legacy. They concluded that their heartfelt and admirable apology was sufficient for our loss.

“All of us at the Ravens strongly disagree.”

But Chicago isn’t budging and doesn’t see fault in how the situation played itself out.

“We spoke to the Ravens about it, and we spoke to the league about it,” said George McCaskey. “We made a mistake. We apologized for it. The bottom line, as I understand it, the Ravens got the player they were wanting, and we got the player we were wanting.”

Can’t we all just get along and move on?

Report: Dave Duerson had brain damage when he committed suicide

Dave Duerson had brain damage when he committed suicide in February.

There is a report coming out of Boston University that says former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson had a brain disease that is associated with repeated concussions back when he committed suicide in February.

The Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at the BU School of Medicine announced on Monday afternoon that Duerson suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the same disease found in at least 20 other deceased NFL players.

The Bears safety shot himself in the chest back on Feb. 18 and left a note requesting that his brain be donated to research. Duerson was just 50.

Bears players react to Osama Bin Laden’s death

After 11 o’clock last night, President Barack Obama announced in a televised address to the nation that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

“Tonight I can report to the American people and the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden,” Obama said during brief remarks at the White House.

His death was the result of a U.S. operation launched today in Abbottabad, Pakistan, against a compound where bin Laden was believed to be hiding, according to U.S. intelligence. After a firefight, a small team of American forces killed bin Laden and took possession of his body, the president said. Source

The news sent jubilation around the United States, including the Chicago Bears organization.

Here’s what some Bears had to say:

Rod Wilson: “What kills me is when something good or historical happens, you still have something negative to say.”

Chris Harris: “Big shout-out to the troops; the men and women who put countless hours, days and years into this mission. God Bless you, and to all the fallen troops, RIP.”

Devin Hester: “Is it me or is it really hard to believe Osama bin Laden is dead?”

Today is indeed a great day to be an American.

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