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NFL players get the OK to return to work

The lockout was lifted--as temporary as it might be--and players were allowed to return to team facilities.

There has been significant progress over the last few days in regards to the NFL lockout.

U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson essentially ended the lockout Monday and also denied the NFL’s request for a temporary stay Wednesday.

Now, the league has told teams to open their facilities to players starting today.

With this also comes news of the impending period of free agency, trades and other roster moves to begin shortly.

All in all, things are slowly but surely starting to get back to normal.

Many Bears players are expected to head over to Halas Hall today to use the weight room and to work out, with more players expected by Monday. Players will also be able to talk with coaches and sit in on film sessions, after two months of not being able to even acknowledge one another.

How far we have come.

Even more exciting, the Bears will begin their offseason conditioning program on May 9.

I am so ready for some football. Even if it’s just offseason workouts.

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